Știri despre securitate, dezvăluiri și puncte de vedere ale experților ESET

Tony Anscombe

Tony Anscombe

Cobol and Fortran programming, it was a long time ago.

Highlights of your career:
Appearing on the BBC News, the live appearance was regarding an article about a hacker that was 12 years old and stealing game data. The cool part was that it remained the number one article on the BBC News app for four days, it seemed that just about everyone I know saw it! The only thing that could top this is to be on Good Morning America or on the BBC Breakfast sofa.

What malware do you hate the most:
Potentially unwanted applications, deceiving consumers and destroying their computer is wrong.

Favorite activities:
Motorbikes, cycling, concerts and family (not in that order).

What is your golden rule for cyberspace:
Don’t get sucked in and addicted to the world of social media, and never post pictures of food.

When did you get your first computer, favorite computer game/activity:
My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 Spectrum, back around 1983/4. It was my first introduction to programming and inspired me to go to college and learn how to code. As for a favorite game, my son and I play two games frequently, Driver (Xbox) and Fifa (PS4), it is a very competitive pastime and not good for my blood pressure.